About Rapid Asbestos Removals

Rapid Asbestos Removals is a locally owned and operated asbestos removal and disposal company based in Perth, Western Australia. The team is certified and licensed to remove non-friable asbestos and constantly perform their work to the highest safety standards.

Asbestos removal Perth

Rapid Asbestos Removals are a locally owned Perth asbestos removal company with a small and highly experienced team. This means that the owners of the business are the ones who carry out the work. Upon deciding to choose us as your Perth asbestos removal company, you will be given the owners direct number. If you have any concerns or feedback throughout the project, we will be available to listen and take action.

Image of asbestos fibres
Image of asbestos fibres

What materials contain asbestos?

There are many different types of asbestos containing materials, also known as bonded asbestos. A common type of bonded asbestos is asbestos cement which was commonly used in fencing, roofing, and other building materials. If you are unsure on whether asbestos is present, we can conduct a site search of your area and advise you on the next steps to take.

Asbestos materials are more common than you think and can lead to many health risks, which is why it’s important you seek help from professionals like us.

Often, we can tell if a material contains asbestos just by looking at it. We will also know if a Class A or Class B licence will be required to remove it.

Get in touch with our friendly team for more information or to arrange a quote.

Need a certified asbestos removal contractor?

Here at Rapid Asbestos Removals, we are committed to getting the job done to the highest possible standard and charge competitive pricing for all our services. We understand that asbestos is a dangerous material and you only want the most qualified and experienced company to carry out the work.